About us

JecoHomes is a local company where the core focus is on helping clients attain their goal of environmentally responsible homes.

Using our in-house expertise, aligned to our total-care approach incorporating design, manufacture, supply and installation we offer peace of mind through what can be a difficult process.

At Jecohomes we recognise that to keep pace with modern technology and building practices, we need to offer the local housing market and construction industry low-energy and low-carbon buildings. By combining highly insulated and low impact building materials with renewable sources of energy we are providing the next generation of dwellings.

Live in the home of tomorrow, today.

Our Team

Greg Woods

Greg was responsible for launching JecoHomes in Jersey at the start of 2012. He has always had a passion for building to a high standard and not just minimum compliance. Greg has worked with the majority of builders, developers, architects, engineers and surveyors on the island during his 15+ years in the local industry.

Nick Fry

Nick joins us after a long career at both Pentagon and Normans, being involved in the timber frame and truss departments. He is well known within the industry having served clients well over many years. He will be involved in dealing directly with clients and the needs of their projects using his vast technical knowledge.